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The Coach

Hello There, My Name is Anne Frank...

Who am I and how did I get here? 


From a young age, this is what I knew to be true when people asked me "Who Are You?" I AM... A Play Spirit, a Divine Immortal Child of God, who came to earth to experience life in physical form and to help people get back to themselves.    My intent: Shine My Light

Living life as a spiritual ‘seeker’ from my early years, I felt I had reached a point of ‘seeing’ the Light surrounding me and was living a very content life based on a strong spiritual personal and world view.  Raised in a Roman Catholic family, I questioned the 'separative' beliefs early on and began searching for TRUTH. This 35-year journey took me through self-help gurus, New Age concepts and many meta-physical teachings, which I later realized are the core Ancient Wisdom of the Eastern Philosophies.  I finally had found the spiritual peace I had been longing for my whole life. 

When the student is ready, the teacher appears - again.  In March of 2016, I unwittingly embarked upon a journey of spiritual transformation that had been lining up for 50 years.  Over the next 2 years I was shown many TRUTHS by the Spirit of the Medicine Plants and was told "I have shown you everything, now go and do your work in the world" by Mother Ayahuasca.  Although I wasn’t quite sure what that meant at the time, I knew it was time to leave the shallow facade and protective womb of the life that I had been living.  

Taking a deep dive into transformational entheogenic work, I was able to process and continue the deep healing of my early-life shame and traumas including family sexual abuse, emotional neglect, school and home bullying and a 20-year eating disorder which I was able to overcome at the age of 35.   This suffering had a purpose.

In 2017, I decided to leave a successful 25-year career in corporate sales to pursue a life in alignment with my authentic self.  My new venture, Psychedelic Integration – OC is the inspired manifestation of listening to my inner compass to serve humanity and to assist and support those that are ready to step onto the path of psycho-spiritual self-discovery and transformation, with or without the entheogenic sacraments.  

Besides offering local Integration Circles and classes to bring support and community awareness to the plant medicine cause, I also offer Psycho-Spiritually based Self-Discovery & Transformation Coaching, Entheogenic Integration Coaching and Life Skills Development Coaching. 

My coaching is centered on each individual's mental, physical, emotional and spiritual alignment, or helping each to find their True Self underneath the masks, stories and suffering of life experience.  Integration of one's suffering, traumas and challenges is the catalyst for healing. 

My Life’s Mission is now focused on “Healing the Children and Setting US Free”, and supporting all of us to shine our brightest light in this world. To become the greatest version of ourselves, to serve humanity and line up with who we envisioned ourselves to be when we chose to come to this earth to explore, experience and express our highest Divinity.

With reverence and excitement, I continue to integrate and expand my ever-evolving life and spiritual view and invite you to do the same. Awaken to your True Self and enjoy our expanding universe of Light, Love & Truth by reclaiming your Divine God Spark within. BE the change you are looking for in the world. You are the ONE you've been waiting for! Are you ready?


· Certified Usui Reiki I, II, Master Courses  Mar 2019

· Certified Addiction Recovery & Psycho-Spiritual Integration Coach – Being True to You Coach Certification Program, Dec. 2018

· Channeling & Intuitive Coursework Levels I, II & III – Channel of Light’s Eternal Light Foundation, January 2018

· Ongoing Student of “A Courses In Miracles”

· 25+ Years of Corporate Sales & Sales Management - peering into the depths of human psyche and soul

· Volunteer Producer/Event Coordinator/Project Manager of Los Angeles Psychedelic Science Symposium (LAPSS), June 2018  

· Abraham Hicks “Law of Attraction” Day Workshops (3) & 7 Day Retreats (2), 2014 – 2018

· Various Sales & Sales Management Workshops and Training Seminars – Learning to Serve the Customer

· The School of Hard Knocks Resiliency Program, Education Ongoing…