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Why Psycho-Spiritual Coaching & Integration?

The Purpose of Life ...


Life's purpose is to explore, experience and express ourselves. The intent when we came was not to take the elevator to the top, but to enjoy the beauty and teachings of each step along the way as we discover who we really are, our inner seed of Divinity. Pain and suffering is the catalyst to step into our Hero's Journey, play the game of self-discovery and claim our true identity. 

Psycho-Spiritual Integration Coaching is for those that are interested in aligning with their True Self - their Highest Vision of who they are, through exploration of their inner landscape, transformational alignment practices and integration of life's toughest lessons along the journey.

Psychedelics (psyche = soul, delos = to reveal) or Entheogens (Entheo = In God, gen = creation) are sacred elements that have been ritualized by the indigenous peoples of the world as far back as history is recorded. These tools have been used as a rite of passage, for extensive holistic healing and for connecting to The Divinity within. Entheogens unlock and alter our normal sensory reality, which expands our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual perceptions to the micro and macro-cosmic proportions.  This allows us to experience reality from our Higher Self/Soul viewpoint, which opens us up to new doorways of our psyche and world. Psychedelics allow us to break through the barriers of this 3D matrix to see the truth, beauty, blessings, answers and opportunities that are available to us in each moment.  They show us what we've been missing, lost in the programmed mental structure of our culture, media, institutions and prisons of our own mind. 

Psychedelics are powerful substances that have the power to change one's reality to the point you can 'never go back', you may never contain the world as you did prior to the experience.  Your encounter with the medicines may take you on a challenging and difficult journey through the innermost landscape of all you thought yourself to be.  It may expose your darkness, your shadows, your lies, your silent sufferings, your innermost fears and your greatest insecurities.  The substances are the tool that allow you to meet your true self head on, with no coverings, protections, deceptions or shelter - naked, bare, raw and real... FOR HEALING.  They show us ugly and beautiful truths about ourselves, but it is WE who are the true medicine.  It is through LOVE, the core of who we are, that we have the POWER to heal ourselves and the world.  This is the message they have come to share with us. This is the work for us to do, individually and collectively, to make this world a better place.  We are the change we have been looking for 'out there'. 

It is through preparing oneself for this Hero's Journey adventure that one is able to grasp the true significance and opportunity that entheogens offer.  Preparation allows one to maximize the benefits, minimize the risks and initiate the transformational experience before the journey begins.  Preparation equips one with the awareness, foresight, tools, skills, strategy and long-term approach for higher evolution and self-discovery.

Navigating is Discovering Your Truth


Each of us is different and we all have our own ways of processing our experiences. Navigating the medicines can be quite challenging if research is not done, fears and needs are not identified and intentions are not offered.  The unfamiliar landscape can challenge your innermost beliefs and ideas about yourself and the world. From trans-dimensional states of being, to witnessing life from both the micro-cosmic and macro-cosmic point of view, it's best to open heart and mind to the experience and allow it to flow through you without resistance.  Although nothing can really 'prepare' you for the experience, coaching can open your mind to possibilities of expanded awareness that you otherwise could not anticipate.  

What is the trans-dimensional experience? How does being 'out of body' feel? What is 'ego death' and what does that mean to me? What are these feelings, thoughts, sufferings and fears from past generations?  What is the absence of time and space, and how does that feel? 

The trans-personal experience takes one beyond their third-dimensional state into the higher spiritual realms of connection.  There are many ways to work with entheogens to optimally navigate the space and create a memorable, long-lasting transformational experience.  By working with a psychedelic integration coach, you can learn and utilize tools, skills and strategies prior to embarking on the passage.  This will enable you to partner with the medicine and co-create the best possible outcome.

Integrating is Your Power

Mindful Awareness Practice retrains the mind to live in alignment with your authentic truth.

This is where the rubber hits the road.  Whether your experience was great or challenging, the lessons need to be understood and integrated  mentally, physically and spiritually in order for beneficial results to be seen in your outward life. 

Many may squander the ceremonial gifts by letting them slip from memory without applying the practical steps to incorporate them into daily life.  Integration is about unifying experiences, both positive and negative, and bringing life back into balance and harmony - back to your true state of BE-ing.  The integration process uses insights, discoveries and life lessons procured along the journey and allows for deep awareness of the truths which create the meaning in our lives. Integration is the psychological, physical, social and spiritual practice of self-actualization.  It releases what needs to be released and brings forth what can be cultivated for full self-realization.

Navigating the path of psycho-spiritual and psychedelic integration can be challenging if a spiritual belief system or daily spiritual practice is lacking, and sometimes even when you do have one.  It can seem like your life has been turned upside down and inside out.

Planting seeds and preparing your field of dreams is the most critical step in the process of integration for self-transformation.  As you step into another paradigm of understanding, grasp the tools to navigate through difficult times and soar during ecstasy. Balance is the key and we will review many means of integration available for your most fulfilling lifelong journey ahead.   You are the Hero you've been waiting for! 

The Science


The Science of Psychedelics

Psychedelics are a category of medicines which function to alter cognition and perception of the individual. This may result in thought and visual/auditory changes as well as a heightened state of consciousness. This class of medicines has been used as a sacrament or rite of passage in many religious or spiritual contexts for thousands of years, as they seem to open us up to higher realms of understanding and perception of the world, in and around us.

As widespread and long-lasting as their use has been, most people actually know very little about these substances and their effects on the body. Beyond providing a change in perception or “trip,” little else is understood about these components. 

How does this change of perception, or hallucination scientifically happen? We all have 5HT2A or 2Ars receptors in the cortex of the brain, which are normally activated by the neurotransmitter serotonin. Psychedelic and other chemical compounds can activate these receptors as well (yes, our bodies have a built-in receptor for psychedelics!), which disrupts the normal process of signal integration. Depending on the particular chemical, different patterns of signals are unlocked which results in a person experiencing altered perceptions, heightened awareness, mood changes, etc.  If a non-hallucinogenic chemical activates the same 5-HT2A receptor, a non-hallucinogenic chain of events will take place, and you may not perceive any change at all.   

There is much research available regarding the science of Psychedelics, including therapeutic trials currently underway by MAPS and John's Hopkins to accelerate legalization and qualify particular medicines to be rescheduled for therapeutic use. These substances (MDMA, Psilocybin, LSD, Iboga, etc) have shown to be more promising and successful than than pharmaceuticals in alleviating the suffering from addictions, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and many other psychological disorders.   We are on the threshold of profound changes in how we view suffering and trauma in our society and world, and new solutions for healing.  

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Psychedelic Integration - OC DOES NOT facilitate or offer psychedelic treatments

Disclaimer: Psychedelic Integration–OC provides psycho-spiritual transformational coaching. This coaching service is not professional psychotherapy, counseling, medical support or any type of diagnoses or treatment program.  PI-OC is for healthy individuals who are looking for additional resources to support and expand their growth and recovery from life’s hardships.  PI-OC DOES NOT offer entheogenic treatments nor condone or promote the purchase of substances that are illegal or controlled in the United States. PI-OC DOES NOT allow illegal substances to be used, bought, sold or transferred during coaching sessions or integration circles. PI-OC DOES NOT discuss how or where to procure illegal substances to ensure the safety, integrity and intentions of the coaching relationship and practice. Clients who find and use these substances, who are interested in coaching for preparation and integration, are supported in their healing and transformational work. Our intent is to promote harm reduction and safe exploration.  We highly recommend drug testing as well as due diligence when searching for international retreats or treatment programs to ensure a safe and positive experience. This includes any groups that may be affiliated with US sanctioned religious groups using these sacramental substances. (UDV/Santo Daime Church, Native American Church, etc.)

PI-OC specializes in working with clients before and after entheogenic experiences to promote integration through healthy dialogue in a confidential and secure environment. Intense or profound psychedelic experiences can be hard to understand or articulate. The initial period is like a training ground for bonding with one’s true voice, body awareness, inner guidance, awakening mind, and greater abilities. Giving voice to our experience and sharing from the heart can enable us to put things into perspective, gain new insight, and find resolution. The integration process after medicine retreats is where healing and transformation happens - such as bringing the shadow parts of ourselves into the light and allowing ourselves to tap into a deeper place than we usually go, honoring the meaning and expression. Aligning Mind, Body and Spirit. The objective AND result of integration is to become more conscious, compassionate, kind, wiser, more loving, and better human beings.  

All information is kept private and confidential. The client’s well-being is our #1 priority, and we work to protect the safety, rights and dignity of the client. PI-OC is an independent organization with no affiliations, and is not accredited by any organization or institution. The Professional Coach service is a not a legislated profession at this time.