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Preparation for the Entheogenic Journey

Your Hero's Journey Begins...

We are a society teetering on the edge of existential crises, and it is because and through our pain and suffering that we are, many times, motivated to seek out new paths for understanding and change. This path usually takes us ‘inward’ as we struggle to understand ourselves and the world, and how we came to the brink. The spiritual path beckons us to further contemplate the mysteries, and our personal “Hero’s Journey” begins... 

Entheogens, or psychedelics, are substances that initiate a connection with God, our Higher Self. This can be a life changing experience – when the veil is lifted, you do not really go back to the life you had before, as you have seen too much. But plant medicines and other techniques are just tools, and for long-term change, tools must be used with conscious intent and committed effort to allow the awakening truths, transformation of suffering, realization of one’s life purpose, and true evolution of the self. 

How can we adequately prepare ourselves for this Hero’s Journey into the depths of our personal story?  In our coaching sessions, we will touch on the many techniques and strategies to ensure maximum results, payoffs, and benefits of these experiences. The more you are prepared and aware of the work ahead, the quicker you will allow the integration phase to begin, and this, many times, is before the medicine is even taken.   

We must begin by asking ourselves the tough questions if we are seriously looking for transformation. “What is driving me to use entheogens? What is my motivational crisis? What am I trying to move away from, or what am I seeking to move toward? What is the discomfort or dissatisfaction that I am feeling? How am I suffering and why am I not able to find resolution? What am I suppressing or avoiding? Am I honest with myself about my life? Where do I want to see change? What is really important to me? Am I ready to do the work? What is my strategy and method for transformation? How can alleviate my suffering once and for all?”

This is just the beginning of the Self-Discovery Process, the Transformational Change we are looking for to create peace and harmony in our lives. We did not come here to take the elevator to the top, we came here to take the slow path of Self-Discovery, to enjoy the journey along the way, to turn over the stones in curiosity, anticipation, joy and delight as we begin to understand who we really are and what makes us, individually, feel alive. Nobody can answer these questions for you. YOU are the Hero, YOU are your Best Friend, only YOU have the answers for you. 

The beauty and freedom in life comes when we are able to release our burdens and attachments, heal our wounds and traumas, develop our character and evolve into our greatest version of ourselves. Don’t minimize the potency of the entheogenic opportunity by not fully preparing for the experience and the long-term expansion that it can cultivate.  You, Hero, are worthy of this amazing gift.




5 Steps To Positive Change and Transformation

The integration process of any challenging life experience, whether it be psychedelic journeying, addictive or unwanted  behavior, a traumatic incident or the death of a loved one, is a critical step in initiating positive transformation in your life.  These are significant opportunities for deep healing, positive growth, broadened understanding and soul expansion, if recognized.  


Become consciously aware of your experiences.  Take in the many ways you are receiving feedback from your relationship with the world - observing circumstances, collecting data, feeling emotions, acknowledging projections, capturing insights, trusting intuitions, acquiring knowledge, and recognizing wisdom.  Accept things as they are in the moment, whether they are positive or negatively charged.  This is the first step to understanding where you are NOW so you can initiate change. 


Examine what 'accepting all situations as they are in this moment' means to you. How does it make you feel physically, mentally, spiritually, socially, practically, personally, intuitively?  Honor these feelings and recognize them as your current truth.  There are no 'right' or 'wrong' thoughts or emotions, but through identifying where you are, you can then start to de-construct the belief systems behind your perceptions if they do not please you or serve your highest good.

Nothing in life has meaning except for the meaning we give it.  This is the path to becoming "UnFuckWithAble" and managing your trigger points.


Align your mind, body and spirit through the examination of your beliefs.  Open your mind to new perspectives, ideas and habits that will support your goals and not split your energies, which can result in confusion, stagnancy and lack of follow through.  

Bring clarity to situations and decide what it is that you truly want.  Cease procrastinating or making excuses for why you are not moving toward your goal. Ask yourself - "Are my choices based in LOVE or FEAR?"  ALL actions are motivated by one or the other.  You have the power to guide your thoughts and the momentum builds whether they are pointing towards love or fear.  Watch them carefully without judgement.

Lastly, act with integrity - your thoughts, words and actions should be in alignment with your core truth and beliefs in order to move toward your goal.  What you project out into the world is what is returned back to you through the Laws of Nature.  Place positively charged emotions behind your actions, those based in love, and watch for the impact this alignment makes as you draw those vibrations back to you in countless forms. We live in an abundant and overflowing universe. Open the doors to your health, wealth and prosperity.


All experiences ultimately point to LOVE, but may be shrouded in shadows, fear or anger in order to get your attention.  When you take steps to face unresolved pain and trauma, you are allowing your cellular and mental body to release the trapped and triggered energies. Stepping into the shadows and trusting the process of discovery will shine the light of a higher perspective where your ultimate truth lies. Living life from the spiritual perspective allows you to see the expanded picture of who, what, why and when this may be happening.  This allows you to claim the gift that has been offered.    

Our ego attachments to people, places, things and ideas (need to control or be 'right') is what creates our pain and suffering. Watch your thoughts by setting your awareness on the bank of your mind and see how this happens as you continue to stir up the mind with self-serving thoughts. Stop resisting, complaining, defending and participating in drama to appease your ego. Your desires are no more valid than any other's in the eyes of Spirit.  We are all equally loved, cherished and valued on whatever path we currently reside.

Release what no longer aligns with your expanded inner knowing, wisdom and truth.  Let go of doubt and surrender to FREEDOM by choosing LOVE over FEAR. LOVE is the underlying force of the universe, supportive and expansive.

The key to navigating through this illusion of reality is to know when to effectively attach and when to detach from circumstances.  They do not define you.  Your are a Divine, Immortal Child of God.  God IS, the rest is a mental illusion.


Using awareness and mindfulness techniques will allow you to pivot your thoughts and behaviors at any time.  This is a re-training of your mind that will take time in order for it to become 'automatic' as you align with LOVE.  Choosing healthy habits and actions over non-serving options, creating new standards for yourself, establishing boundaries and following through with accountabilities will point you in the direction of your dreams.  Do not take the elevator and miss out on the beautiful journey of self-discovery you came here to experience. Take one step at a time, in patience, and watch the beautiful path unfold before you.  You will soon realize that it was there the whole time.

Be gentle with yourself, encourage yourself, forgive yourself - BE YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND. You are learning to love yourself for perhaps the first time in your life - that is the new practice, which is the change you are looking for in the world.   

The eye through which I see God is the same eye through which God sees me; my eye and God's eye are one eye, one seeing, one knowing, one love.”  - Meister Eckhart

Living in BALANCE, through meeting your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs, and expanding into your merged, highest and greatest self...this is the result of a well-developed integration practice.  Have fun with it and remember - what you appreciate, appreciates for you.

In Love We Rise,