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Transformational Life-Recovery & Self-Discovery Coaching


Discovering You Are A FLOW...ER of Divine Grace

Transformational Coaching is a dynamic and tailored support system for you to start to realizing your goals, visions and dreams. An initial assessment will necessitate a deep dive into the inner landscape of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual being to determine where you are starting from, define what is working or not, and reveal suffering that no longer serves. 


Deconstructing Beliefs

From here, we will review and analyze the belief systems that brought you to your current state, and deconstruct those that are no longer true for you. In this way we are able to peel the layers of the mental and emotional constructs or programming that have held you in a holding pattern of discomfort, suffering and dissatisfaction in life. We will review new beliefs, patterns and practices that will allow you to open up to your authentic being in a loving and accepting way. 


Fear Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Learning to love yourself is the first step towards forgiveness, acceptance and peace in your inner world and outer world. All things are possible when you align your thoughts, words and actions in a state of Love instead of Fear. Inner change is the catalyst for the environment and outer world to meet you on a new and higher plane of living. The universe reflects back what you send out. Raising your consciousness, awareness and vibration into a higher mindset and patterns of activity have immediate results.  



In their words....

From Faith D:  "My coaching sessions with Anne have been invaluable!!!  Anne uses her deep listening skills to guide her clients to new vistas in thoughts, words, emotions and actions. The homework each week helps one to deepen into the process and to make new choices. She sends me weekly videos and YouTubes which are such wonderful reminders to stay present and move forward. The weekly YouTubes are so awesome because I reach for them if I feel stuck or in fear. They are an immediate remedy to  SHIFT my thinking upward. Anne’s heart centered coaching is the way of the new paradigm. It’s feminine and loving yet powerful and very effective in creating positive change in one’s life. Let Anne’s coaching embrace you as you open your hearts together and “In Love we Rise”. With immense gratitude."  - Faith D.


More from Faith D.  "Thank very much, Anne, for the wonderful coaching session yesterday. After our sessions, I reflect on our conversations, and I have gained so much insight into my patterns and programming. Our coaching sessions are truly powerful experiences that create such a safe container to look deeply into one’s behavior and examine what is and is not working. The coaching tools and homework you offer are invaluable reminders to self correct and stay on course. I am so blessed to have this opportunity to work with you, Anne. SO MUCH LOVE!!!! Hands to heart in gratitude,  xoxo Faith D.


From Christina B:  "I highly recommend Anne’s coaching. I find her very compassionate, positive, definitely inspiring and full of exceptional ideas. Her comprehensive integrated approach is unique and conducive to a lasting recovery.  She has been Immediately available in times of great turmoil and always dependable.  I found her to be very knowledgeable about eating disorders, depression, anxiety, trauma and plant medicines.  It is evident she is highly spiritual and caring. I cannot thank her enough for helping me get on a better path." -  Christina B  (BKIN, E-RYT 500)

From Alex C:  "I have been searching for answers to my many problems for a very long time.  Even with all of my willingness, honesty, and persistence, I had never succeeded in finding the answers that fit. I felt like I was running around with the key, but I couldn’t find the lock. During my third session with Anne, she showed me a lock that made sense. About a day after our fourth session, I was fully able to understand that this was indeed the correct lock, and that it opens up so much more than I had originally set out to understand. Now, I have joy in my life. Every day I feel joy. I had forgotten what that was. I didn’t even know that I was missing it until I got it back. I was a little kid the last time that I can remember feeling the genuine feeling of joy. I am back back to being that kid again. No more worries. Only joy."

From Jordan W: " I was quite disillusioned when I first sat down in a group with Anne, and by the end of the first hour with her I knew she offered something so pointedly truthful that I had give her coaching a chance. I have struggled with depression for as long as I can remember. Some periods are better, some are darker. I had seen traditional counselors for nearly 20 years, always receiving some guidance, never feeling like I was getting more than a standard approach to solving the mysteries within myself. Anne spoke to me in a way that was simple-yet-deep as it relates to aligning the self with identity, curiosity, exploration and enjoyment. Anne’s goal is to help me understand myself without forcing a “therapy” model. She relates to me on my terms, in my way. She intuitively knows how to challenge and honor my boundaries. I leave our sessions feeling grounded, understood and connected - not simply to the journey of life but to MYSELF. There is a different path to understanding for those of us who are left feeling more and more unsatisfied by the establishment of talk therapy and head-meds. There is a more natural (and successful) way of knowing and aligning ourselves. And Anne is helping to show me that. She has helped me slowly transform myself, and I didn’t think there were any options left.  "

From Ava S: "Anne Frank is a amazing coach!  She is intuitive, empathic, compassionate and generous with her healing. She helped me lift out of a severe depression and gave me the tools I needed to be myself once again.  I highly recommend her."

From Julie F:  "I am sending you this email, as a text will not suffice.  First, thank you, thank you, thank you! Your knowledge and wisdom has been more beneficial than the 30 plus years of psychotherapy combined. I recognize my efforts, but let's be honest it was your knowledge, guidance and homework that inspired me and began the good work. 

Overall, I feel great! Better than I have felt in a very long time. I feel connected with parts of myself that have been shut-off for decades. I am able to make healthy decisions that are in my best interest without a hint of guilt or shame. That is huge progress for me. 

I have often felt blocked, as if someone or something was holding me back. It turns out that there is some unresolved mother "stuff" standing in my path. But the thing is I can move around the obstacle, there is plenty of space, I choose not to move. I am not surprised by this concept nor my decision to remain face-to-face with the obstacle. There is a lot of anger and sadness, so remaining fixed feels safe for now. I will resolve this, but now does not seem like the right time. I think I need to be aware of these emotions and how they are blocking me but I need to be aware of the strength and power within me first. 

Today I want to bask in the wholeness and new life that has blossomed (I never think or speak like that, but it is a fitting metaphor). I am journaling my thoughts, feelings and impressions as they unfold. Parts of myself have been unified, I no longer feel alone or unsupported.    

Saving the best part for the finale, I feel love and peace towards myself and the love coming towards me from others. It is not emotional nor overwhelming, which is a very good thing as I would not believe it otherwise. Rather it is sweet, subtle, and comes as a whisper. The feeling is an understanding which is meshed with my mind and heart. It appears when I think about it.   

Today I am attending a concert with a ladies friendship circle - total strangers. I believe they like me because this love understanding informs me. This is also very new to me and I am soaking it all up. 

Thank you Anne. You are a miracle worker. Love, Julie"

From Levi C: " I'm going to be 100 percent with you right now. Thank you. You are such a beautiful person all around. You've got it all! The example you lead is the most powerful thing about you. You put off this beam of light that is so attractive, I hope to shine that for others. Keep up the good work!"

From David G:   

"The smartest thing I did in the last year was to hire a psychospiritual coach to help me prepare for my ayahuasca retreat in Peru, and afterward to integrate the experience. The most fortuitous thing that happened was getting connected with Anne Frank.

Anne and I worked together from opposite ends of the country via telephone which surprisingly was never an issue either with scheduling or the sheer quality of our time together. From our first call, I was infected with her energy, insight, and enthusiasm. She was impeccably prompt, present, and focused. She guided me to many tools, some worked for me, some didn't, but in the end, I felt prepared for my journey with an arsenal of practices that felt both effective and comfortable to use.

After each session, I'd get a convenient email confirmation of our next session that I could easily add to my calendar plus a fantastic follow up letter reviewing what we'd talked about and giving suggestions for further reading/viewing and detailed instructions for exercises, helping me overcome the resistance I was feeling to the changes I was working so hard to make!

I found Anne to be serious, fun, insightful, enthusiastic, motivating, knowledgeable, highly spiritual, fun, focused, energizing, thorough, articulate, and did I mention fun? If you are seeking real, sincere, profound change in your life and see the wisdom of working with an experienced coach, consider yourself lucky to be reading this."